Big Pink Pig is the first episode of Animal Stories. It first aired on 7 September 1998 in the UK and July 19, 2001 in the US. In the episode, a pig thinks he's too obese and tries unsuccessfully to lose weight. The story of Big Pink Pig is written by Trevor Ricketts, who also designed the show. It has been adapted for the US and UK as a storybook, which Fisher-Price has sold in 2000 and 2001 with a soft toy of the pig and in some versions, a audio tape. 


There is a pig who is big and pink. Everytime he weighs himself, he thinks he is far to big and then says he wants to be thin. In a attempt to go to the gym, he gets stuck in the door, which a sparrow says he needs a new house because the door is too narrow. 

The pig agrees, and decides to jump out the window. However, while this works, the pig ends up rolling along the path to the gym instead of running. As he enters the gym, he is greeted by a skinny horse and a "tough-looking" bunny. When he hands his money over to the horse, they point him over to a thing for rowing. When the pig looks at it, he is unsatisfied and says he is going. On the way to the door, the bunny blocks his way and forces the pig to go back. After the pig is successfully strapped up to the rowing machine, he attempts to try it and finds it difficult to use it. As a result, he decides to lift weights. 

The first one is extremely big, so the pig decides to use the smaller one. As he tries to lift the other one, the middle breaks apart and the pig puts it back. 

On a wall, there is a poster for aerobics classes. After looking at it, the pig decides to give it a try and stops at the entrance to the "classroom". However, the sight is less quieter than he thought and instead, the pig sees a herd of animals doing aerobics to disco music while the bunny conducts them to do it. This sight is enough for the pig and he leaves the gym. In the shower, a dog called Dave tells the pig that he should jog: 

"Wear a headband and some pumps, and in no time you'll lose your lumps!"

In his bed, the pig dreams about being skinny. In his dream, two fat pigs are having a race when the imaginary skinny pig rushes by them to the finish line. To add to this, on his biscuit tin, he puts a headlock on it. 

That same night, he goes to the park to follow what Dave said. Halfway during jogging, the pig starts to get tired and begins wheezing. When he goes to a nearby bench, he imagines about what is wrong about being fat: 

For tossing cambers, it can't be beat, for Japanese wrestling, it's really neat; for being cuddly, it is the best, for keeping warm it passes the test; flim's no good for baritone singing, it doesn't help much for church bell ringing; further more, with a large belly, you can sell the spades for ads on telly! You can wear big suits and large-brimmed hats, and play blues and jazz, and be called fance.

Afterward, the pig goes back to bed, throws away his headband and jogging shoes, tired and puffed out.

The pig still remains to that day, weighing himself and thinking,

Pigs are pigs, and pigs are fat. I am a pig, and that is that!