Creepy Crawlies was a stop motion animation series created by Cosgrove Hall Productions (creators of The Wind in the Willows and Danger Mouse). The series consisted of 52 ten-minute episodes, which were broadcast on Children's ITV from 7 January 1987 to 20 March 1989. All episodes were written by Peter Reeves and directed by Franc Vose and Brian Little; narration and character voices were provided by Paul Nicholas.

The series was based upon the daily goings-on of a group of common invertebrate creatures that lived at the bottom of a garden around an old sundial.


  • Mr Harrison the snail
  • Suppose the worm
  • Ariadne the spider
  • Anorak the pillbug
  • Ladybird the ladybird
  • Lambeth the beetle
  • Ancient the caterpillar

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