Emu is a British puppet that was popular around the 20th century .He had his owner rod hull but died in May 1999 off his roof .In June 2006 Toby Hull Rods son thought about Emu in the present day.Tobys Emu puppet was a baby only 5 years old .The new emu was born in 2002 .By 2007 Toby brought a comeback ,to show the new emu on British television.The series was commenced in July 2007.It started off as preview of This morning on ITV 1 on the 16 September 2007 to show a sneak peek of the new show which will be broadcasted in October 2007 on the new CITV channel .The first broadcast was on the 8 October 2007 Monday at 16.00hours 4PM on the citv channel.The show was set in an apartment where Toby and Emu have just moved in.The apartment was a no pets allowed block.So Emu had to watch out.He lived with his owner Toby and some other fostered children.But there is an inspector called Ken Cole who would pest control emu.Emu doesn't just have that to matter with .He also has to watch for his neighbour Sophie who likes some quiet and doesn't tolerate things with noise . 26 Episodes were made each one was 12 minutes long and produced by Emodrol and Initial British television company .The show was filmed in Belfast Nothern Iraland UK.In this new series Emu walks around independently with a puppeteer underneath his fur.

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