Fraggle Rock was a children's live action puppet television series created by Jim Henson and starring creatures called fraggles.

This version of Fraggle Rock shown in the UK was located on a rock headland or island at a sea coast (actually called Fraggle Rock in the show). There is a lighthouse on the island, which is home to the Captain (played by Fulton MacKay), a retired sailor, and his dog Sprocket.

Due to MacKay's death in 1987, the Captain was replaced in the fourth season by a younger character known as PK (Principal Keeper, the Captain's nephew), played by John Gordon Sinclair. In the sixth season, PK was replaced by BJ (Bertwhistle Jr.), played by Simon O'Brien.

The UK version was produced by TVS and ran for 7 seasons on ITV from 7 January 1984 to 22 August 1990.