Rod, Jane and Freddy was the best known name for a singing trio who appeared in children's programming on Children's ITV in the 1980s and early 1990s. They starred both in the long-running series Rainbow as well as their own 15-minute show, The Rod, Jane and Freddy Show. The trio have also made numerous guest appearances in several other children's TV shows including The Sooty Show.

The original trio consisted of Rod Burton, Jane Tucker and Matthew Corbett, when they were known as "Rod, Matt and Jane". Corbett left the trio in 1976 to continue hosting The Sooty Show after his father retired. Corbett was replaced by actor Roger Walker, whereupon the trio became known as "Rod, Jane and Roger". When Walker left in 1980 to continue his career in acting he was replaced by Freddy Marks, leading to the best remembered incarnation of the trio. During their 3 decades working on children's television they managed to write over 2500 songs on various topics using many different music styles, Most were comedic and fun but some had deeper meanings. Overall they have written and produced 10 albums and 24 videos, and conceived and performed numerous jingles for commercial radio, theme and title music for TV and songs for pantomimes.

Transmission guideEdit

  • Series 1: 13 editions from 29 September 1981 - 22 December 1981
  • Series 2: 13 editions from 6 April 1983 - 29 June 1983
  • Series 3: 13 editions from 10 October 1984 - 23 January 1985
  • Series 4: 13 editions from 6 January 1988 - 30 March 1988
  • Series 5: 18 editions from 3 January 1989 - 2 May 1989
  • Series 6: 25 editions from 5 September 1989 - 6 March 1990
  • Series 7: 25 editions 4 September 1990 - 5 March 1991

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