Thunderbirds Are Go! is a remake/revival of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson's 1965 Supermarionation series Thunderbirds, made using CGI. It was scheduled for broadcast in 2015 to celebrate the series' 50th anniversary and broadcast on ITV 1 in the UK at 5:00pm on Saturday 4th April 2015 with the episode Ring Of Fire: Part 1.

Synopsis Edit

The world of 2060 is a dangerous place. Technology may have advanced in leaps and bounds, but disasters can arise and lives put at risk. Thankfully there is hope. Operating from their hidden base on a remote island somewhere in the south Pacific, the five heroic Tracy Brothers and their remarkable, cutting-edge crafts are ready and willing to help those in need; from the depths of the oceans, to the furthest reaches of space.

Cast and Crew Edit

Vocal Cast Edit

  • Rasmus Hardiker: Scott Tracy, Alan Tracy
  • David Menkin: Virgil Tracy, Gordon Tracy
  • Thomas Brodie-Sangster: John Tracy
  • Rosamund Pike: Lady Penelope
  • David Graham: Aloysius Parker
  • Kayvan Novak: Brains
  • Sandra Dickinson: Grandma Tracy
  • Andres Williams: The Hood
  • Angel Coulby: Kayo
  • Adjoa Andoh: Colonel Casey

Production Crew Edit

  • Series Director: David Scott
  • Episodic Director: Theo Baynton
  • Executive Producer: Giles Ridge
  • Head Writer: Rob Hoegee
  • Composer: Ben Foster

Notable Differences Edit

  • The designs of the Thunderbird vehicles have been altered to both maximize usability and modernize them for the new generation of fans. Thunderbird 5 has been altered the most, barely resembling the original design of the original (unless you turn it on its side, of course). Grandma Tracy has taken on the role of housekeeper in Kyrano's place.
  • Both Jeff Tracy and Kyrano are absent, supposedly having perished in a boating accident.
  • Tin-Tin's name has been changed to Kayo, most likely to avoid copyright issues regarding The Adventures of Tintin.
  • Brains' ethnicity has changed to Indian to reach a wider audience.
  • Lady Penelope's car, the FAB-1, has had it's hood ornament and grille altered to avoid copyright issues with Rolls-Royce. She also owns a pug named Sherbet.

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