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Mr.Men is a series of books by Roger Hargreaves published in 1978 to 1979. They were about Emotions who lived on an island, and they were named after the mr. and miss they make (e.g. Mr.greedy). The TV series aired in 1997, alongside the new republished books with new artwork, including some new characters,Miss contray and Mr. cheerful, TV series was narrated by Ronnie Corbett of The Two Ronnies fame.


  • Little Miss Neat
  • Mr.Clumsy
  • Mr.Grumble
  • Mr.Busy
  • Mr.Tickle
  • Mr.Daydream
  • Little Miss Contrary
  • Mr.Happy
  • Mr.Mean
  • Mr.Jelly
  • Mr.Bounce
  • Mr. Muddle
  • Little Miss Brainy
  • Mr.Clever
  • Little Miss Splendid
  • Mr.Tall
  • Mr.Greedy
  • Mr.Perfect
  • Little Miss Sunshine
  • Mr.Quiet
  • Mr.Nosey
  • Mr.Rush
  • Mr.Noisy
  • Mr.Small
  • Mr.Strong
  • Mr.Forgetful

Episode ListEdit

Series 1

  • Mr.Tall Finds a New Home
  • Mr.Muddle Goes Swimming
  • Mr.Nosey Learns a New Game
  • Little Miss Contrary Gets a Letter
  • Little Miss Splendid Has a Birthday Party
  • Mr.Daydream Learns to Fly
  • Mr.Happy Learns to Swim
  • Mr.Greedy and the Big Apple
  • Mr.Small Has a Big Day Out
  • Mr.Clumsy Takes the Ball by the Score
  • Mr.Mean Gets the Giggles
  • Little Miss Brainy Slips Up at Question Time
  • Mr.Clever Goes Fishing

Series 2

  • Mr.Forgetful Has Forgotten How to Talk
  • Mr.Bounce is Hopping Around
  • Mr.Tickle and His Long Arm
  • Mr.Perfect Buys Some Paint
  • Mr.Quiet Sets Out His Real Voice
  • Mr.Strong Goes to the Seaside
  • Little Miss Sunshine Dreams of a New Pretty Thing
  • Mr.Busy is a Very Busy Person
  • Mr.Jelly Has a Fright
  • Little Miss Neat Goes Shopping
  • Mr.Rush Runs Out of Vegetables
  • Mr.Grumble Sleeps Through Christmas
  • Mr.Noisy Joins the Choir


The first series was released on VHS in 1999 by Carlton Video, under the name of Mr.Tall Finds a New Home and Other Stories. The second series was also released on VHS in 2000 under the name of Mr.Forgetful Has Forgotten How to Talk and Other Stories. Both the VHS tapes are extremely rare.